The Importance Of Fun Activities For Corporate Employees

Playing games both in and out of the office helps employees become better acquainted with one another, improve their problem-solving skills, and communicate better. All of these elements will have a powerful impact on productivity and the overall work environment. If you are currently managing a corporation and you are looking for new ways to improve your business, consider organizing fun corporate events more often.

If you need a few guidelines and fresh ideas for fun activities that your team will enjoy, keep reading.

The Human Knothuman knot

Place everyone in a circle, sitting side by side, and have each player reach out their right hand in order to randomly grab a different hand. Then repeat using the left hands. The entire group will then need to untangle the circle without releasing their hands.

What the human knot game can accomplish is sharpen players’ communication skills and show you who are your most patient employees during frustrating moments. It should also give you a clearer idea of who would be best as a team leader.

Silent Football

Players need to move around a circle and pass an invisible ball from one participant to the other. At the same time, they are not be allowed to communicate with one another and only silently pass the ball.

This is an excellent game for practising more non-verbal communication skills as well as restraint. Players are not allowed to laugh, talk, or even smile. As a manager or team leader, you should learn who are your most reliable employees and use the information during difficult times/projects.

Casino Games

Games like poker, blackjack or roulette help players improve their strategic thinking, organizational skills, self-control, planning, math and statistics knowledge. Who uses a poker face during a game of hold’em? Who makes the best/worst calls, goes over budget, keeps their heads on their shoulders, or gets annoyed, angry, or frustrated real fast?

These games will help you know your employees a lot better, which should, in turn, help you delegate responsibilities more efficiently. Someone who likes to play slots online might be better at repetitive tasks that do not require a lot of effort. Someone who, instead, enjoys playing poker might be better in some more strategic positions that involve a lot of decision making.

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A Better Place

This game requires players to use pens and paper and come up with a plan on how to improve a certain work situation. Give them a limited budget and one hour to come up with the best plan possible. Teams should be comprised of 2 up to 4 members.

Have each of the teams present their plans when the time is up and have everyone else vote for the best idea. If possible, give the winning team a small budget they can use in real life in order to improve the respective aspects in their workplace. 

House of Cards

You are going to need a deck of cards for this one, so you may want to include it as part of your casino themed corporate party. You are also going to need a pair of scissors. Create groups of 3 players and have them build tall card structures with the available tools. The team who builds the tallest card structure that holds for at least 5 seconds wins.

The game will allow employees to practice teamwork as well as their communication skills and become more creative.

It’s Drawing TIme

This game requires players to use markers, paper, and colored pencils. Each team member will need to draw their self-portrait anonymously. You will need to place all the drawings on a wall and have each team try to guess which portrait belongs to who. When someone guesses a portrait right, have the author of the drawing motivate their choices. This game will help your staff understand the way they are perceived by others.

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