Ultimate Guide to Hiring Corporate Entertainment

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We published this guide on line to help and assist both the novice and the professional entertainment buyer. Our goal is to help create a positive win-win atmosphere for both the buyer and the talent by lending our 20+ years of experience in this industry. Below are six topic we felt would best cover the topic of hiring corporate entertainment.  

  • Why hire entertainment at corporate events
  • Advantages and Pitfalls of buying direct from talent on line
  • Obtaining recommendations
  • Using an agency and why change agencies even after successful events
  • What Entertainers should know
  • Contract Agreements


Why use entertainment at your next corporate meeting, function or trade show? Entertainment! Sounds like a simple answer to a difficult question but entertainment has a unique way of making events memorable.

Corporations and associations invest millions of dollars annually for very specific reasons. Whether it’s a gathering of employees or clients their expectation is to yield a tangible business result from their investment. Those results may range from introducing a new product into the market place, branding their company or incentivizing a sales force.

The problem with the above answer to why hire entertainment is that some really think it’s that simple. They don’t dig deeper and ask what corporate entertainers can bring to their events. The real question that should be asked is what goal will be accomplished by hiring professional corporate entertainment? The answer to this question in short is branding and overall culture, focus, lasting-impact and attendee engagement. All of this has nothing to do with “entertainment” in its simplistic definition.

corporate juggler charles peachock
Pulling people away from their office, homes and family to attend a meeting or convention only guarantees the person’s physical presence at that event. One of our entertainers, Charles Peachock (finalist in America’s Got Talent) says the following:

“Entertainment turbo-charges a companies investment. It accelerates the process of getting employees detached from their day-to-day routine, fully engaged in the moment and connected with each other and the company’s message.”


Bottom line is entertainment simultaneously increases impact on attendees and the company.

When planning your next event, ask yourself how entertainment can impact your function, what goals can be accomplished and what the company can get in return from hiring a professional corporate entertainer.



Back in the mid 1980’s corporate entertainment was is it’s infancy. Corporations and associations were bringing in entertainers at their events to help with attendance and branding. This new addition to corporate meetings and events led to rise of corporate talent agencies such as PM Productions. Most of these agencies were built from entertainers that either retired from performing or became both entertainer and contractor. If you’re currently working with an established entertainment or production company, chances are the principals of the company has their background in performing.

Why were performers a natural progression to entertainment contracting? They knew plenty of entertainers that were qualified to perform at similar corporate events. Planners had very few contacts in the entertainment world so they would contact the band leader, the vocalist or whoever performed at their last function and inquired about entertainment for future projects. Hence, corporate talent agencies and production companies were born.

Fast forward 25+ years and every entertainer from balloon artists to band leader has a website. They promote themselves to every social and corporate entertainment buyer with claims of standing ovations and a website to prove it. Google “corporate entertainment” and you’ll find hundreds if not thousands of entertainer listings vying for your attention and an opportunity to perform at your next event.

Twenty-five years ago the average planner knew only a few contacts in the entertainment field. Today those same planners have thousands to choose from. How can you discern the entertainers and assure yourself that you’ve made the right choice? It’s very difficult to make those choices when you haven’t seen or even heard of an entertainer prior to “googling” for entertainment. The savvy and experienced buyer will know the right questions, view video demos and make an educated decision. What about the novice buyer or those who don’t use entertainment often. How do they know they are making a wise choice?

If you’re one of those buyers who have used the internet to find the type of entertainment you’re looking for you’ve probably come use to the following scenario. Email, wait. Email again, wait. Place a phone call, wait. Get a return email with limited information. Email again with questions, wait. Receive answer to those questions and find out the talent is either not the right fit or unavailable for your event. We’re not saying that every entertainer fits the above because there are a lot of very professional entertainers that are very good businesspersons. But what we are saying you’ll find a lot of entertainers that are lacking in business skills due to various reasons like, they concentrate on their performance, they travel frequently or a combination of both.

Buying entertainment direct from the talent has one advantage; pricing. In some cases dealing direct with talent can get you better pricing because there are no agency fees. That being said, most reputable agencies have working relationships with their talent so pricing can actually be better or have a zero sum effect when booking through the agency.

Booking talent through a good agency has quite a few advantages. Customer service is what we here at PM Productions pride ourselves in. When you contact our office we return your call or email that business day. Most cases you’ll receive a return call or email within minutes of contacting our office. Working with quality agencies will also get you several entertainment options within your budget, reliable professional talent and in most cases an on site contact to deliver talent assuring all details are handled and the performance goes on without a hitch.


Overall experience can be the difference when dealing with talent directly or allowing a qualified talent agency to assist you with hiring entertainment. Whether your spending $1000 or $25,000 you deserve quality customer service, answers to your questions and a performance that makes every cent count.


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