Jay Alexander

jay_alexander2Jay Alexander consistently commands standing ovations with his unique, high-energy, interactive show. He understands how to engage even the most sophisticated audiences with his blend of comedy, magic and mentalism, mixed with his eccentric skills of human lie detection, speed math and games of influence.
“Jay always makes events fun, he just knows how!”
Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers

These are just a few of the routines you may see:
“Inside Your Mind”
Jay reveals words, names, and dates merely thought of by audience members.

“$1,000 Challenge”
By reading your body language, Jay challenges you to lie to him without getting caught. If you succeed, he will give you a $1,000 check.

“The Human Calculator”
Faster than you can say “Super Computer,” Jay Alexander will perform amazing feats of math and mental dexterity. Math has never been so cool!

“The Burning Bill”
Jay borrows a $100 bill from an audience member and has them sign it, then proceeds to burn it. A bag is hanging from the ceiling, it is lowered for the spectator to open. Inside is another bag, inside that bag is an envelope, inside the envelope is the signed $100 bill.


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