Mentalist / Hypnotist

“Enter the world of someone’s mind…”

Jaw dropping amazement is the best way to describe the corporate mentalists, mind readers and hypnotists. Always fun, never embarrassing these performers are able to entertain and astonish even the most skeptical of audiences.

Highly interactive, hypnotists and mentalists can customize a show to include a corporate message or theme; woven inside your audiences minds.

Lornitis Headshot-1Dan Lornitis – Details and Videos

He’s hip, fun and absolutely hilarious. Dan Lornitis is the high-energy entertainer your group will still be laughing about days later. Expect a great show as Dan leads his volunteers through a safe and hilarious interaction with the use of his hypnosis talents.

ross_johnsonRoss Johnson – Details

Voted the top psychic entertainer in the world, corporate mentalist and mind reader Ross Johnson has convinced the most cynical skeptics that some form of higher thinking exists.

Christopher_1601_hi_resChristopher Carter – Details and Videos

A consummate showman and entertainer, Christopher uses a spectacular combination of skilled mind manipulations, insightful edgy humor and astounding illusions to make audiences question long-held assumptions, doubt their senses and become absolutely mesmerized!

jay alexanderJay Alexander – Details and Videos

Jay Alexander consistently commands standing ovations with his unique, high-energy, interactive show. He understands how to engage even the most sophisticated audiences with his blend of comedy, magic and mentalism, mixed with his eccentric skills of human lie detection, speed math and games of influence.

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