Corporate Cirque Performers

Our roster of Cirque performers include the world-renowned Anastasini family. Eight generations of circus and Cirque performers. They are known to pack into their performances excitement, thrills, elegance, fun and amazement. Cirque shows can be a simple vignette or a custom show of diabolo juggling, aerial acts, hula hoops and hand balancing.

Tonight blew our minds… we shocked the audience! Matt McBurnie – Riverside Foundation


The video below is of our 2012 Cirque production show at the Tinley Park Convention Center for the Riverside Foundation Heart Gala.


PM Productions performers boast an impressive resume having worked with Ringling Brothers, Bush Gardens, Disney and Las Vegas shows. Customized shows can consist of any of the following acts:

Cirque Acts

Aerial Lira Cloud Swing Hand Balancing
Aerial Chiffon Contortionist Hula Hoops
Body Juggling Diablo Juggling German Wheel
Chair Balancing Hair Spinning Spinning Cube


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